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Evolved Tradition

Remember in the ‘old days’ how we used to call a limo service? That service evolved into UBER…..but much of the traditional model remains. There is still a car and a driver: it’s just the way we connect with that service that changed and became (mostly) more efficient.

Remember in the ‘old days’ how we used to do building applications with rainforest’s worth of paper and a tiresome Xerox machine to make copies? Now, most of this is done digitally, an evolution of a traditional practice. So much of the technology that we see today is a lot more evolutionary than revolutionary.  Most technology that humans love in the luxury marketing arena improves traditional models, but it does not replace them. It can make them more efficient and yes, even more enjoyable. My dentist’s efficiencies are fueled by the new technology he uses, but he has not been replaced by a computer. Would YOU let a machine-operated drill near your mouth?

In the ‘old days’ I used to put together a folder with a list of useful resources for the home – or delivery menus – print up thousands of copies, bind them and then mail them to my clients. They would keep these in a kitchen drawer and refer to them when needed. When the digital world became more prevalent, I evolved this into a DIGITAL version that allowed our clients to access this information from the palm of their hands. The product or intent was not replaced… merely evolved. When you get an AMAZON package, that box was wrapped by a human…..not too dissimilar to the human that used to wrap your box in a retail store. In the past year, the many ZOOM calls provided the technology that allowed us to meet remotely, but without the humans using and driving them they – and Zoom – would not exist.

Think of all the systems and marketing touchpoints in your world and how they too have evolved over time. How can you improve what you do? How can you make things more seamless and efficient? How can you save time and aggravation? We don’t have to replace or eliminate things to make them better. Evolution fueled by technology is nothing terribly new, but when it is intelligently structured – with a thoughtful human touch – it is good for everyone.

Have a nice day!