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The Move

Alex Daigh of COMPASS New York identified yesterday one area of the real estate equation that is still extremely annoying, frustrating, and cumbersome …… the actual physical moving part. 

Yes, in between the cracks there are some outstanding movers. But many are notoriously annoying at best. Getting an accurate quote can often be challenging – to put it kindly – and often additional fees and add-ons are presented at your most vulnerable moment. Insurance by the pound seems like a joke at best. Some movers have invented gun-to-your-head negotiation skills. Often big tips are mandatory, aside from enormous hourly fees that you can be almost 100% certain are not being passed onto the heroes that do moving work, probably one of the toughest physically draining jobs.

This is one area where we agents can shine. Identifying local movers that are outstanding is something our clients will truly appreciate, possibly more so than anything else. I have stopped referring to ‘bargain movers’ as they are not too dissimilar to bargain real estate agents… pay for what you get! I have my ‘go-to’ movers but unfortunately, they are not 100% consistent. One day in the future this is an area we at COMPASS will have to resolve if we truly wish to capture the hearts of our clients. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!

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