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Genius In A Bull Market

by Leonard

Recently I felt like a real genius as some of my tech stocks performed miraculously well. It is easy to feel this way when markets rise relentlessly. But real genius is required when markets are not performing this well across the board. Many of us were able to do unimaginably well during a very challenging environment this year….that may be a much bigger achievement than doing well when everything is easy.

They say you learn who your true friends are when times get tough: the same is true in business. During the toughest times, people reveal their true selves and also reveal their capabilities. Those who can perform well in tough times are often better equipped to do even better when everything is going well. Sometimes they don’t do as well performance-wise, but their consistency is more reliable and stable. Sales figures alone are not the measure of ability. Often during tougher times, the best of the best are planning and structuring things for the future, laying the foundations for future growth and success. Often they have more patience and a longer term view. 

It is during the toughest times that we have the capacity to tap into our inner genius and draw out the strength, calm, rational thinking and deliver impressive results…..not immediately, eventually.

What are your thoughts and when do you tap into your inner genius? Please do respond.

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