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Today Will Be A Perfect Day!

Article by Leonard Steinberg

My partner Thom told me the funniest story yesterday while we took an early morning walk through the exquisite meadows of Northern Westchester – an hour outside of Manhattan – that was reminiscent of the best in the Cotswolds, Provence or Tuscany (without the jetlag!). The story goes like this:
Once as a kid, he awoke to a similar, perfect-weather day. It was gorgeous. Spectacular. That day was going to be the best day ever. Just before he headed out on that beautiful Summer’s day, he paused reminding himself that Summer was also a time for bugs….. So he and his friends were prudent and proceeded to spray one another with bug repellent. As he depressed that sprayer button to help out his friends – pfffffft! – he realized the sprayer was pointed in the wrong direction and he sprayed his face with repellent, with eyes open. You know the rest of the story. He spent the rest of that perfect day washing his eyes out and keeping them closed to heal from the nasty effects. That day that had all the promise of perfection was dashed in a split second.
This little tale is not designed to get you depressed. But it is a good reminder that what happens at the very beginning of the day does not necessarily determine the rest of that day. Conversely, the day may start out on a bad note and continue to improve through the day, ending on a high note. The great stuff may happen in the last hour or minutes. Likewise, be wary of judging your performance or success by a week, month or even a year. Sometimes you can have a bad year (or even two) and sometimes you can have a sensational year. Neither will determine or define a career.
Yes, I begin every day with an overwhelming sense of optimism and a can-do spirit. I make every effort to make every day the best it can be. But stop being too harsh on yourself when things don’t work out the way you want when you want or expect them to. Know that the roller-coaster of life always delivers ups AND downs. Try to enjoy the experience during both times, knowing roller-coasters never go down or up without a change.
Have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

Hope you enjoyed this article.