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Without Discipline, There Is Chaos

by Leonard Steinberg

Imagine if everyone obeyed the rules. Yes, songwriters and poets would have a field day professing the pain and anguish of how this would limit the human spirit and creativity. Yet at times like these especially we may all want to obey the rules, especially as they pertain to showing property.

Over the next few weeks and months as physical real estate showings will become allowable, rules and protocols will be put into place to minimize risk and create a safer environment for all. We owe it to one another to respect these rules AND any other rules a listing agent may require as they may be coming directly from the owner of the property. No, you may not get COVID-19 from doing a showing. But you may cause someone – simply by not following the rules – to get sick. That should be sufficient motivation for any decent human being.

We are in a moment of uncertainty, dealing with something we have never had to deal with before….and it’s possible some protocols will change and adjust over time. Some may even feel excessive. We owe it to the consumer to feel really safe. This is no time for creative interpretation, selfishness, individualized philosophy or opinion if we want to avoid further spread of this virus. As a profession – and as COMPASS professionals – let’s rise to the occasion and practice and demonstrate real discipline around physical showings. It may be the most outstanding public relations and brand-building….and it may save lives.

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