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Five Presentation Tips

Creative-Presentation-IdeasforFive4.21.2020All of us have room for improvement in our presentation styles, whether we are presenting to our colleagues, clients, customers, friends or family. This does not only apply to a speaking engagement in front of 500 people. Here are five PRESENTATION tips from the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW (thanks to Maxx Crowley for sending!):

1) Great presenters use fewer slides – and fewer words. Reduce clutter where you can. Edit, edit, edit. Get to the point. Everyone on this planet has limited time.

2) Great presenters don’t use bullet points. The information delivered in pictures and images is more likely to be remembered than words alone. Complement text on slides with photos, videos, and images. Never forget the importance of images and visual aids to message what you have to say….always.

3) Great presenters enhance their vocal delivery. Vary the pace, pitch, and volume of your voice. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice to make a positive impression on your audience. Keep them awake and alert and focused on what you are ‘selling’ to them.

4) Great presenters create “wow” moments. Give your audience something extra. Time it correctly and present it with enthusiasm and passion! Install something memorable, creative, innovative, exciting or interesting even with the most repetitive topic.

5) Great presenters rehearse. Put in the time to make yourself great and practice, practice, practice. This fuels confidence, helps you fine-tune your message and leads to a better presentation.

Never underestimate the power of great communication. It can help you land the exclusive of your dreams, elevate your stature within your organization or simply help you get your ideas and thoughts sold. But while there are plenty of good speakers in the world, using the above tips to sharpen your skills is the first step to setting yourself apart. Stand out by being the person who can deliver something great over and over again.

We thought that these Five Presentation Tips were helpful and would be to our readers/clients as well.  Hope they were very helpful!