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Agent Renovation Consultancy – COMPASS CONSULT?


Many agents around the country are not that knowledgeable about design and renovation, but the vast majority of us do know what does and does not deliver re-sale value in a renovated property. It’s time to message this service more boldly to our clientele and the consumer at large.
How many times have you been called in to pitch/value a renovated home to sell only to be confronted by a multitude of renovation touch-points that simply add little or no value to the re-sale price. Often people spend on items that have little re-sale value while forgetting to address the critically important stuff. Sometimes I witness items that are not only semi-worthless, but actually take away value as I know the next buyer will either be distracted by them and probably have to remove these items at a substantial cost.
We as real estate professionals and advisors should encourage ALL consumers and clients to consult with us FIRST before undertaking a renovation, even the smaller ones. There is nothing worse than over-capitalizing when renovating…..the disappointment some sellers experience when they discover that their expensive custom shelves have ZERO re-sale value can be painful. We can guide homeowners to what is critically important.This is also a perfect opportunity to engage with potential future sellers who may ultimately call you down the road to sell their home. These prospective future sellers are certain to speak kindly of you – and refer business to you potentially – if you provide them valuable advice.
While the services we provide via COMPASS CONCIERGE are a wonderful tool to help sellers prepare their homes for sale, we often encourage our clients to be a bit more selfish:  make your home gorgeous and desirable while you live there, not just when you sell. And then when you do sell, reap the benefits for the SECOND time!